10 Days of Giving and Facts

The Literacy Center Logo - 50 Years FinalFacts about 2016

  1. We have served our community for 50 years helping adults learn to read and read to learn.                             A way to give…our wish list: http://www.litcenter.org/donate-2/wish-list/

2. We have had 662 instruction hours in the HSE prep class.           A way to give….volunteer. http://www.litcenter.org/about/volunteer/

3. We have 854 students that have been served in the past 10 years.
A way to give… http://www.litcenter.org/donate-2/

4. We have had 437 hours of qualification instruction hours so far this year.
A way to give… http://www.litcenter.org/donate-2/

5. We had 758 hours of tutor instruction hours and 494 of tutor preparation and travel hours so far this year.
A way to give… http://www.litcenter.org/volunteer-form/

6. We have accessed 18 adults so far this year.                                                                    A way to give… http://www.litcenter.org/donate-2/

7. We have 14 dedicated current board members.
A way to give… Volunteer 

8. We have had 76 volunteers dedicate time to us this year in many ways from tutoring, teaching classes, working in the office, organizing fundraisers and so much more.  A way to give… Volunteer 

9. Our students set goals of all sorts, mini, small and big, we try so hard to track every one of them but the big ones is what we do best at and 24 big goals were accomplished this year including a getting a job!
Giving a donation allows the students to achieve their educational goals… Donate

10.  The greatest joy and fact is when a student says, “I read novels for pleasure now.” said ‘Theresa’.
For fifty years we have offered basic adult literacy with access to immediate education for adults who are self-driven, dedicated and set goals for themselves. We offer one-on-one tutoring and high school equivalency preparation but it is really about the fundamental ability to read and comprehend and be self-sufficient that are students strive for because Literacy/Education is key to the #7EssentialLifeSkills and that’s just fact.
A way to give….Time, talent and/or funds.


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