10,500 in Vanderburgh Co.

jennwigginton (2)I sometimes wonder if the literacy issues that face our country will ever come to an end.  Each time I read an article about literacy I learn a new statistic.  I just read this one from ProLiteracy, “Indiana has nearly one million adults of working age who either haven’t completed high school or speak little to no English.  Less than 8 percent of those adults are enrolled in a literacy or basic education program.” ProLiteracy also estimates that Vanderburgh County has 10,500 adults that lack basic prose literacy skills. This 10,500 is our client base.

Literacy is the key tool to make the workforce of America efficient. Literacy affects our social skills, our healthcare and our unemployment issue.  Everyday our struggles in literacy impact our economy and our community.

We need action!  Our elected officials need to hear our voices in support of investing in our people’s education. We need for our community to support adult literacy and education. You can show your support by attending events, volunteering or spreading our mission. Please start with attending our open house and Breaking the Cycle event this evening between 5 and 7 PM.

This event is part of #30DaysOfPoverty awareness campaign by the Evansville Christian Life Center.  Literacy is a key component to breaking the cycle and it is much more than reading a book.  Join us today at 3411a First Avenue to hear more.

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