Spring, Diamonds and Volunteers


April is my favorite month of the year. I might be a little partial due to the fact that my birthday is in the month but that is not the only reason.  Here are a few reasons why I love April:

  • Spring begins to arrive (warm and sunny is best),
  • the birthstone is a diamond (diamonds are a girls BF),
  • the daisy is the flower (great for a game of he loves me),
  • Easter is often celebrated in the month, (egg hunts and Peeps, oh my!),
  • Earth Day (‘reduce, reuse, recycle’),
  •  and then one of the best reasons I love April is that includes Volunteer Week; I doubt our Earth would ‘revolve’ without volunteers.

Our basic adult literacy program is a volunteer based program, we recruit individuals that love to read and want to teach that love of reading to someone that reading is difficult for or obstacles have gotten in the way.  Our program functions due to our volunteers, they are crucial to program.  We appreciate all of our volunteers and here are a few reasons why…

  1. Time: Our volunteer tutors spend hours preparing lessons and traveling to lessons and they spend many hours with the students active in lessons on a weekly basis, month after month. Our other volunteers like board members and event volunteers donate countless hours of time planning, organizing and assisting in numerous ways. What is more precious than time?
  2. Patience: they have it.
  3. Commitment: they commit to the time and they deliver.
  4. Accountable: they provide what we ask for, volunteer for what they can provide and don’t disappoint us.
  5. Respect: they give it.
  6. Enthusiasm:  theirs is contagious!

So, I love April because it gives us an opportunity to show our appreciation for those that give us time, patience, commitment, accountability, respect and enthusiasm. I have all this for our volunteers- a crucial part of our organization.   Please join us on Wednesday, April 30 at 6:30 pm for a celebration of our volunteers and students at Old National Bank.

Jennifer Wigginton, Executive Director

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