#LiteracyDay Celebration

jennwigginton (2)September is here!  International Literacy Day is September 8th. Adult Education and National Family Literacy Week is September 21-27.  Literacy organizations across the nation celebrate this month as Literacy Awareness month but the competition is fierce. It is also Library Card Sign up Month, as well as everything from Be Late for Something Day (5th) and Talk Like a Pirate Day (19th).  There are many other holidays and events for the month and we all share importance.

Illiteracy is not a contagious, incurable disease.  We believe everyone can learn to read.   We also believe that literacy is a fundamental key to solving many issues.  Being literate is so much more than just reading a book.  It is being able to comprehend and understand your finances, medical instructions, health and nutritional information, to be employable and to educate your child.  A functional reading level means that you can function in society and not just cope or get by.  We hear many stories of our students coping and depending on others or the system in order to live.  The strength of our communities and our nation depend on if we are educated.   I’m going to write it. Please read this out loud…”If we educate, we will solve many community issues.”   I would love someone to try and argue against me, anyone willing to ‘duke’ it out?   I’ll make it even simpler…if you can’t comprehend what you just read then go ahead and ignore me but if you comprehend and understand this message then show up at an event (check out our calendar at http://www.litcenter.org/calendar/) , call us to volunteer or donate.  It’s simple; Literacy is more than just reading a book it is learning to write and think critically and to live life.  We need your help, act today.

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