November is a great month to be thankful. Here’s the definition from a Google search:

I’m thankful for many things in my personal life:  my husband, my daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter, my sisters, my nieces and nephews, my aunts, my uncles and cousins, my friends, my home, my dogs, living in the USA, not going hungry, my health and my job. (Just to name a few.)

My job, I’m especially thankful for because I get to help people and I also get to work with a fantastic group of volunteers.  The Literacy Center owes gratitude to our volunteers and supporters because…

They step up and into positions that help us grow and be a better organization.

They utilize their past experiences to assist us to learn.

They use their personal connections, professional connections to ask for support and to help us build relationships.

They donate time and energy to prepare lessons, to instruct, to submit monthly reports and to travel to instruction locations.

They help our students reach towards their individual goals.

They donate time and energy educating our volunteers tutors.

They donate time assessing our students.

They donate time and energy working in our computer lab.

They assist us with office work, write blogs and newsletter articles.

They help with editing our writing.

They write grants and appeal letters.

They spend an afternoon playing SCRABBLE for us.

They spend a day crafting and scrapbooking for us.

They get up in front of others and Spell.

They buy steak for us.

They make purchases for us at Barnes & Noble.

They buy a gift for someone they care for at the Mission Mall.

They make purchases on Amazon Smile to benefit our program.

They donate time and energy to assist with planning events, attending organizational meetings, to market us, to acquire financial backing, and to learn about our history.

They manage our finances with the care and consideration as if it they earned every penny.

They assist us to plan and organize our policies, procedures and our future.

They donate money, office supplies, teaching materials, books and things that make our job easier.

They learn about us and do what they can to help us be better.

They are patient and kind with each and every client/student that they come in contact with.


I’m pleased and relieved that the Literacy Center has been successful this year; we credit our volunteers, supporters and our students.  It’s not enough to show gratitude or to thank this group for doing what they do, but it is a start.  Thank you! We appreciate everything you do.

We will continue showing our gratitude by being an organization that our volunteers, supporters and clients trust and respect.  We will always be honest, right wrongs, be loyal, deliver results, continuously improve, clarify expectations, listen first, keep commitments and extend trust.

The people that are involved with The Literacy Center leave footprints on my heart and I’ll never be the same.  Thank you for that.


jennwigginton (2)Jenn Wigginton

Executive Director

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