A student’s perspective on vowels

IMG_0052 (2)The Literacy Center is a place to be welcomed with open arms. Not just to learn how to read, spell, write, and speak well, but to learn how to respect yourself and make great new friends. The staff at The Literacy Center loves their jobs.  Their smiles are the give-away.

I have learned many things, but I started with vowels and vowel teams. You see, vowels are the bridge of a word; you can’t have a word without vowels! And just like vowels bridging words, The Literacy Center is the bridge from illiterate to literate.

A is for how Amazing the staff and tutors are.

E is for the Excellent program they have.

I is for the Independence they give you.

O is for the Outstanding work tutors give to all the students.

U is for the Understanding of all who walk in the door.

Y not sometimes, but always never being judged.

And like vowel teams, The Literacy Center is a great team. I am so fortunate I walked in that door.

Darrell Murray, 2013 Dollar General Foundation Student of the Year & Literacy Center Student

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