Want to Volunteer?

Thinking about volunteering?

Most volunteers want to tutor a student one-to-one. Below you’ll find information about becoming a tutor and other volunteer opportunities we hope you’ll consider. When you are ready to volunteer, please submit this form.


Provide one-on-one basic reading and writing instructions to an adult eighteen years of age or older. Help student acquire basic skills and use them to meet self-identified goals. Approximately 8 hours of orientation and training is required. A minimum 1-year term of service is required. During the year, tutors are required to complete one in-service training, which usually requires 2-6 hours.

Qualifications for tutors include good reading/writing skills, a desire to teach an adult, patience and perseverance to assist students in reaching personal reading goals, empathy and enthusiasm, and reliability to keep records and report to The Literacy Center in a timely manner.


An evaluator interviews students, administers skills assessment tests, and prepares reports of results. Approximate time is 2 hours per student, on an as-needed basis, and according to your availability. Tutor training and evaluator training are required, and participation as a tutor is recommended.


Experienced tutors or teachers make valuable trainers. Volunteers who would like to become trainers should let the TLC Director know.


To volunteer in this area, you must have the interest and time to devote to The Literacy Center as a consultant in a particular area of non-profit operation. In addition, you must be able to attend monthly board meetings, and participation in appropriate sub-committee meetings is expected.


To volunteer on a committee we ask that you assist us with organizing and making our events successful. The time committment is likely to be an hour or two a week for a period of two to three months.

Letters for Literacy SCRABBLE® Tournament(annual event)

A committee person will help organize the event, assist with securing sponsors and marketing event.  They will also assist with securing the many volunteers needed for the day of the event, including score and time keepers, concession help, and auction help. Please call or email us to find out how you can get involved.

Crop for Literacy (annual event)

A committee person will organize the annual scrap-booking fundraising event. This includes securing sponsors, marketing the event and securing the many volunteers that are needed for the day of the event, in several areas.


Volunteers on our Speaker’s Bureau give small presentations to local community groups and/or businesses. The volunteer must meet with the Director for preparation. We provide materials for the speaker, and will contact you as request for speakers are received. Participation in other volunteer areas is recommended.


This volunteer would have a regular weekly schedule (minimum 2 hours per week) at The Literacy Center. Duties would include answering phones, making appointments for students, and assisting with special projects, such as making flashcards or photocopying. An outgoing, helpful personality is best for this position.


This volunteer could have a regular weekly schedule (minimum 1 hour per week) at The Literacy Center.  Duties would include assisting students in the lab with using the computers for reading instruction.  The software is Reading Horizons software and has a program just for you to learn how to utilize.  A friendly, patient individual is best for this position.