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You can Call us at 812-429-122 or share your volunteer interest at admin@litcenter.org

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Tutors provide one-to-one instruction to adults in our Basic Adult Literacy and High School Equivalency programs. Students in the Basic Adult Literacy program study the fundamentals of reading and writing, while High School Equivalency students study Math, Language, Science and Social Studies. You can let us know your preference – no one is required to be an expert in all of these fields. Whether you’re an English Major or a Sudoku expert, so long as you have patience, empathy, and a willingness to help others, we encourage you to submit a volunteer information form.

Current Covid-19 Precautions: As we all work together to cope with the current pandemic, we are only allowing tutoring to take place virtually or at the Center. Many tutors enjoy tutoring in coffee shops, libraries, and churches, but until further notice, tutoring outside of the Center is not admitted.

The Talking Library was created in March 2020, and was originally intended to host some recorded stories for our Basic Adult Literacy students. It has now grown to feature more than 60 volunteers readers, and includes public domain-texts read by educators, students, adult education advocates, legal professionals, and notable figures such as Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke and our Senators for Indiana.

Volunteer readers do exactly what you’d expect: they read, from the comfort of their own homes, and record it for us. All you need to do is email admin@litcenter.org to let us know you’re interested, but make sure you check out our FAQs first. Many volunteers worry that they need to be an expert in audio recording to take part, but if you have a smartphone capable of recording and email, you can take part. 

We hold two fundraisers a year: our Scrabble Tournament in the Spring and Online Holiday Auction in the Fall. Volunteers in this area can help in either event, and there are unique tasks attached to each one. We often need table judges, help with set-up, and general assistance with our Scrabble Tournament, and help soliciting donations for our Holiday Online Auction. If you’re interested in helping, fill out a volunteer information form.

Current Covid-19 Precautions: Our 2020 Scrabble Tournament has become virtual! You can find out more, and register to play, here. We hope it will be an in-person event next year. 

Board Members are people devoted to the success of The Literacy Center and our students. They act as consultants in all areas – from non-profit management to fundraising. You can meet our current Board of Directors here. Board Meetings are bi-monthly, and require in-person or virtual attendance. If you’re interested, please fill out a  volunteer information form.