The Constitutional Amendments

The first ten amendments to the Constitution – the Bill of Rights – are perhaps the most well known part of the Constitution. These amendments outline your right to freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to peacefully assemble… and that’s only the first amendment. 

There are twenty-seven amendments in all, and all twenty-seven give us a glimpse of what the United States was like in the past, and helps us understand the United States today.

Scroll down to listen to each individual part. You can also listen to the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. 

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The First Amendment

Jessica Hartman
Anchor, 44News

The Second Amendment

The Third Amendment

Ed Scharf
Temple Adath B'nai Israel

The Fourth Amendment

Erran Huber
Reporter, 44News

The Fifth Amendment

Most Reverend Joseph M. Siegel
Bishop of Evansville

The Sixth Amendment

Judge Brett Niemeier
Vanderburgh Superior Court

The Seventh Amendment

Jennifer Farless
Vice President of Operations
LYNCH & Associates

The Eighth Amendment

Lauren Bell
Adult Basic Education Director
Vincennes University

The Ninth Amendment

John Kalt

The Tenth Amendment

Melissa Morehead
Community Leader

The Eleventh Amendment

The Twelfth Amendment

Ed Scharf
Temple Adath B'nai Israel

The Thirteenth Amendment

Barry Nathaniel Sullivan

The Fourteenth Amendment

Jacki Murray

The Fifteenth Amendment

Jessica Ellis
Board of Directors
The Literacy Center

The Sixteenth Amendment

Marks Cannon
World Traveller

The Seventeenth Amendment

Todd Young
Senator for Indiana

The Eighteenth Amendment

Elizabeth Field
Hoosier Works

The Ninteenth Amendment

Jacki Murray

The Twentieth Amendment

Brittany Rolley

The Twenty-First Amendment

The Twenty-Second Amendment

The Twenty-Third Amendment

The Twenty-Fourth Amendment

Christopher Wood

The Twenty-Fifth Amendment

Jennie Jolly
Leasing Coordinator

The Twenty-Sixth Amendment

Christopher Wood

The Twenty-Seventh Amendment

Anna Lismore