An Attitude of Gratitude am grateful for each day of my life. I hope you feel the same way about every day of your life. I have found that if I adhere to a plan of recording blessings that occur during the day, I feel much rewarded by the end of the evening.
It is actually quite simple. Start with two or three good things to be grateful about. Some people record all of the nice things! You can gradually see how you can not only become more grateful for the previous day’s events, but more and more optimistic about your future in general.
Let me give you a personal example. At the beginning of this year I began my lessons at The Literacy Center in the computer lab. Soon I was writing brief summaries of books and articles. I even wrote my first blog for The Literacy Center in September. How very grateful I am to have had this opportunity.
Just start thinking about your own personal goals or dreams. Write down what strides you are making and you will be grateful as your dreams come closer to actualization. An attitude of gratitude can come in smaller steps each day. Show your love for your spouse, child, or even a pet. By doing something special for him or her, I guarantee that he or she will be more likely to be grateful, and show that gratitude in return.
Or, put a smile on your face: I assure you it can only help. People will smile back, for the most part, and you will feel better all day for this small effort. It may be a stretch, but I think thankfulness to God, or your Maker, or the Universal Spirit, makes us all feel grateful just to be alive. As a dialysis patient, I feel especially so.
So, do one good deed each day, or even, one good deed each hour. The feelings of everyday hustle-and-bustle will likely be replaced with feelings of peace and gratitude. I have found this to be true in my life—and I wish this for each of you, each and every day.


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