Basic Adult Literacy (BAL)

Our Basic Adult Literacy (BAL) program helps adults gain basic literacy skills by providing free, confidential reading instruction.

Students are first assessed to determine their current reading level, then they are paired with their very own tutor.  Our tutors are trained to provide reading instruction for all levels as well as for individuals with learning disabilities such as dyslexia.  In most cases, tutoring sessions will be scheduled at times that work for the student and at public locations near the student’s primary residence.

Research shows a correlation between participation in adult basic skills programs such as our BAL program and increases in literacy levels, high school equivalency attainment, post secondary education, income, improved health, and improved civic participation.  These outcomes impact everyone in the community in that they contribute to a healthier economy, increased employment, reduction in public assistance, and lower healthcare costs.

If you know someone in need of our assistance, please have them contact us at 812-429-1222.