This event has now ended. We hope to run the 18th Annual Scrabble Tournament as an in-person event in April of 2021, and are looking at holding a simultaneous virtual event along with it. All participants that took part in the 2020 tournament have been contacted.

Grab some buddies and play some Scrabble! This league is for teams of up to three, and appropriate for players that are no stranger to a game of Scrabble.

1st Place: Trophy for each player displaying the division you played in.

2nd Place: Medal for each player displaying the division you played in.

3rd Place: Ribbon for each player


Between August 14th-18th, competitive teams will play three games of Scrabble and email us a picture of their score-pad/ game board. We have 1st place trophies, 2nd place medals and 3rd place ribbons for each division!

With each team playing three games of Scrabble, teams can either split the games between players (so each player plays a game individually), or play one game altogether. This means socially distant teams are a-okay! And yes, single-player and two-player teams are also encouraged to play!

Make sure you peruse the Rules and Guidelines booklet before registering so you understand!

Players can either play an actual game of Scrabble with a buddy, or play using an app like Words with Friends against other people, or a computer. Tournament players aren’t allowed to play against other tournament players though.

The PRO division is best for players that score 800 points or more in their Scrabble games.

The SEMI-PRO division is best for anyone who is scoring less than 800 points in their average game.

The REBEL division was originally used in our in-person tournament as a division that offered some rule-bending fun. Since we can’t do that with an at-home tournament (but still have REBEL trophies), the REBEL division is for your standard player that wants the thrill of competing for a trophy, but doesn’t feel up to being a PRO or SEMI-PRO yet.

The STUDENT division is for students (with valid IDs). Teams made entirely of students are eligible for this division. The registration fee is $10 per student. Students are also welcome to play in the other divisions for $10 per student! 

“800 points? This isn’t for me. I can just about cope with Bananagrams”

We hear a lot of people talk themselves out of playing because they don’t feel like any type of pro. We find anyone handy with words and generally familiar with Scrabble fits right in with Semi-Pro or Rebel!

We also have four side-competitions that you get entered into automagically. Winning one of these competitions bags you a $5 Barnes and Noble Gift Card. Cool, right? You can read all about it in the guide.

Register by filling in the form below. Please take a look through our rules and guidelines booklet before registering!

You can register using the form below. Pay your registration fee securely through PayPal by clicking the donate button below.

Registation fees can also be paid by sending checks/ money orders to:

The Literacy Center
Attn: Executive Director
3411A N 1st Avenue
Evansville, IN 47710