Darrell Reads!


Four years ago I couldn’t read, write, or spell, but The Literacy Center opened my eyes to a brand new world. Who would have known that you could travel the world through books?

Inside the cover of a book, you can find drama, pain, laughter, love, and mystery. By reading, you can leave your recliner and visit the world. I have been so blessed to be able to read The Diary of Anne Frank, Edgar Allan Poe, Hot Dogs and Hamburgers, Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde, and so many more.

Looking back I couldn’t even read a Dr. Seuss book. All I could spell was cat, dog, up, and my name. The Literacy Center has given me so much; I am the same man, but with knowledge. I found out with knowledge anything is possible.

For those people that still can’t read or write, have faith in yourselves. Turn to the Literacy Center, they can help. I am a testament of that. They are great people, and they do care. It’s a little scary at first but so worth it.

To those people who can read, turn off your TV’s for one hour and travel the world with a book. READ FOR LIFE is not just a slogan, it is my way of life. Because when I quit trying to better myself it is the time I no longer exist.

So better yourself and pick up a book!


IMG_0052 (2)Darrell Murray



Editor’s Note: Come hear Darrell’s story 6/25/15 at 3:00 pm at The Literacy Center.  

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