The Declaration of Independence

Written by Thomas Jefferson, who would go on to become the third U.S. President, the Declaration of Independence establishes many of the principles of the United States that have lasted to this day. Here we find our “inalienable right” to “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”, and are told “all men are created equal”. 

The Declaration also lists the wrongdoings of King George III of Great Britain – the very country that the United States was breaking away from. Thus began the revolutionary war and the continuing legacy of the United States of America.

Scroll down to listen to each individual part. You can also listen to the Constitution and Amendments. 

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"When in the Course of human events..."

Jim Tomes
Indiana State Senator

"That to secure these rights..."

"He has refused his assent..."

Stephanie Schene

"He has endeavoured to prevent..."

Felicia Wang
Aspiring Actor and Voice Actor

"He has combined with others..."

"He has constrained our fellow citizens..."

Jennifer Montgomery
State of Indiana Adult Education Coordinator Region 11

"Nor have we been wanting..."

Rea Silvius

"We, therefore,
the Representatives..."

Eric Holcomb
Governor of Indiana

The Signatories

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