We are dedicated to improving adult literacy and education, and we’re honored to receive support from so many similarly dedicated people.

We can’t wait to pursue our mission with you.

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No cost, no requirements, no pressure. We only ask for one thing from our students: dedication.

Donating just $2 a month for a year will provide one adult learner with a High School Equivalency textbook.

Donating $10 a month for a year will provide a basic literacy learner one whole year of instruction.

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Read more about the programs you’ll be supporting below.

High School Equivalency

The Literacy Center’s HSE-Prep program leads adult learners of all ages and backgrounds – no matter where they need to start from – to knowing the fundamentals for the TASC test. We work with students for however long it takes, and provide them with the materials and resources they need. Donating to this program means providing adults with the textbooks and materials they need to succeed, and helps fund the hours our professional staff put into curriculum design, student management, and of course, teaching.

Basic Adult Literacy

In the BAL program, adults are supported in their journey to get to grips with one of the biggest challenges we all face in our lives – learning to read and write. We have always believed that the first steps an adult takes through the doors of The Literacy Center are some of the most empowering – yet challenging – of their life. Our staff and tutors treat our adult learners with respect, confidentiality, and kindness – for however long it takes. Donating to this program means we continue giving our students quality resources, and improve the training we offer tutors. 

On-Site Learning Alliance

The award winning (ProLiteracy, 2019) On-Site Learning Alliance brings the BAL program to local libraries and other public locations for those adults that find it challenging to come to the Center. Whether it be childcare commitments, work schedules, or travel restrictions, we never want that to be the reason someone can not access the support they deserve. Donating to this program means we can continue expanding the reach of the Alliance to more locations. 

The Talking Library

The Talking Library is an online collection of volunteer-recorded audiobooks. From The Prince and the Pauper to the entire U.S. Constitution, The Talking Library has attracted the support of dozens of dedicated volunteers readers, from incredible, local business-owners to Senators, from leaders like Mayor Lloyd Winnecke to Bishop Joseph M. Siegel, from legal professionals to educators. Donating to this program means allowing us to keep adding books to the library, and continue developing our groundbreaking projects like ‘Read for the People’.

Donate online via PayPal:

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