It is with great excitement that The Literacy Center announces the winners of the Writ-a-thon 2021. 


Middle School

First Place – Evie Wu, Castle North Middle School

Second Place – Sydney Eckert, Castle North Middle School

Third Place – Emily Russell, EVSC


High School

First Place – Lauren Mitchell, North High School

Second Place – Brynne Stephens, North High School

Third Place – Honor Tenhumberg, EVSC Virtual Academy



First Place – Marcus Armitage

Second Place – Gina Becker

Third Place – Jeremy Heath



Executive Editor Cindi Andrews

Author Rick Reed

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke


Event Sponsors

Old National Bank and the Courier and Press


Write-a-thon entries are between 500 and 1,000 words long.  The first and last sentence is provided by The Literacy Center.  Writ-a-thon participants range in age from middle-school students to adults 18 and older.