Giving Tuesday

Dear Friend,

The Literacy Center needs your help to continue providing literacy education to individuals in our community so they can live good, informed, independent lives.

Unfortunately, many of us take for granted our ability to read prescriptions, the newspaper, and even a ballot. Many of the adults in our community struggle daily to make sense of life without efficient reading skills.  Reading is fundamental to success in life and illiteracy diminishes the freedom to live life to the fullest.

The Literacy Center has been on a mission to improve adult literacy in our community since 1966. We offer hope and free confidential reading instruction to adults who want to improve their reading and comprehension skills. While many of our clients seek help for immediate goals such as wanting to be able to get a better job or get a driver’s license, the long-term gains are immeasurable.  As people gain literacy skills they better understand their health problems and can follow treatment procedures, they become empowered to provide a better life for their families, and they see new possibilities as productive members of society.  Many of our clients often tell us that they had not known where to go to ask for help before they walked in our door. Once they find us, they tell us that we have made a difference in their lives. Thelma is one of our greatest success stories. Please see the enclosed insert for more information and view her story at by clicking, “Students Story.”

Our challenges in improving our community’s literacy levels are as great as they have ever been, but with the generous support of people in our community, like you, we will be able to continue to help many of these adult learners live productive and satisfying lives. And, as area adults improve their literacy skills, our city and state benefits from an improved workforce and citizens who participate more fully in their communities.

Please show your support by making a donation today! Your support will make a life changing difference in the lives of individuals and families in our community. Send your donation in the enclosed envelope or feel free to donate with a debit or credit card online at

If you would like to learn more about our work at The Literacy Center, please call our office at 429-1222 or check out our website at We are grateful for your support and partnership in our mission to improve adult literacy and education in order to strengthen our community.

With appreciation,



Marilyn Brenton, Chair

Board of Directors

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