How long will it take?

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Adult Education is defined many different ways. The Literacy Center (TLC) considers itself as an Adult Education Center that focuses on literacy and we may also be defined as a lifelong learning center. The most popular question in the Adult Education world is, “How long will it take?” We get asked this question often. Our students ask this question as a reference to how long it will take them to complete their goal.  A goal can be big and small. Is there an answer to that question?  Some say yes and have a formula to define it.  The formula is based on how many hours you devote to practicing and getting instruction.  The first level can be gained in one hundred hours of instruction but often times the next gain can take longer. To become an expert at any given thing it takes 10,000 hours. Is that a good way to explain how long will it take? The question isn’t how long will it take to become a subject matter expert. Because that answer is it is not easy at all! It is a full time job at 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year and almost 5 years. This answer will not suffice.

Is the answer ‘practice, practice, practice?’  It is not a great answer but it is a great start. You must practice and keep pushing yourself to excel, keep putting in those hours of learning and practicing.  I have yet to invent a magic wand that we can wave over heads and magically make us an expert in what we seek or to get a goal complete. It takes a number of hours of practice and instruction to reach a goal. So keep practicing. Don’t give up on your goals and never ever stop learning.  Be a lifelong learner, come to The Literacy Center to find out how we can help you reach your goals with some practice and instruction.

Jennifer Wigginton, Executive Director

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