HSE Prep – Social Studies

Welcome to our High School Equivalency Prep page for Social Studies! We will be updating this page every Thursday whilst we are closed to help support you in your learning. 

Each week we will post links to videos and tasks for Social Studies, selected by our Education Coordinator. If you need any help, you can do two things – text The Literacy Center at (812) 250-8724 , or email us at admin@litcenter.org.

There’s an election happening in November – you may have heard about it. But do you understand exactly how elections work, and just how important it is that you vote if you can? Find out more below. 

This week we will be looking at the three branches of government – Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. 

While this may seem like something a bit unnecessary, it is important to understand how our government works. If you know what the three branches do, lots more starts to make sense!