Online Classroom

Welcome to The Online Classroom! 

The Online Classroom is designed, founded in March 2020 to support students that are a part of our HSE Prep and BAL programs, who are also attending classes or tutoring sessions. 

Click on any of the choices below to see our free, online study resources – Lessons, Audio Books, video tutorials, worksheets and revision guides.

Here you can access our collection of virtual High School Equivalency lessons, revision guides and work sheets. Here we cover everything from Math and Science to English and Social Studies!

Here you’ll be able to see our lessons and resources for Basic Literacy learners.

Here you will find our collection of volunteer-recorded audiobooks, featuring everything from the U.S. Constitution to the full novella The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Sometimes, studying itself can be a lot harder than what we are trying to study. Here you will find some help with getting to grips with studying.

We all love a good book. Find your next favorite here by reading our volunteer-submitted book reviews.