Jekyll and Hyde

The Strange Case of
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

This is the full audio version of the text. Thank you to all of our volunteers who made this possible!

Jekyll and Hyde: The Full Case

This is a twelve-minute documentary that dives into the historical context and symbolism of the novella. Join William, our Executive Director, as he leads you through the story behind the story!

Announcement Video

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Robert Louis Stevenson’s 1886 novella is a classic story of a popular and sociable Doctor who seems to be connected to a man so evil and hideous just to gaze upon him makes you sick. 

Why did the bizarre and terrifying Mr. Hyde trample a young girl on the streets of London? 

Why was he so calm while he did it?

Why did Henry Jekyll, one of the most well-loved men in London, give Hyde the money to pay off the girl’s family?

And just why is Jekyll leaving all of his money to Hyde in his will?

This story – with a twist so famous most people know it already – is so hypnotic and revealing in its depiction of London and the human mind, it is still studied in schools to this day.

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