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EinsteinjpgAlbert Einstein is quoted as saying, “Once you stop learning, you start dying.”

We live in a rapidly changing society.  Do you feel it too?  Now the decision to stop learning is detrimental, physically and professionally.  I remember the day when “non-degree” jobs were easy to find, paid well, and provided financial stability for hard working individuals willing to spend their professional lives in a factory, in a shop, at a store, or in the fields.  College degrees were a luxury, not a basic requirement for employment.

In today’s world, factory jobs often require workers to hold a bachelors degree.  Most help wanted ads say “degree preferred,” and those that don’t often pay less than livable wages.  These factors combined make employment difficult for individuals who, for whatever reason, chose not to continue their education past high school.

For some adults, that early life decision is one they regret.  But, rather than feeling despair and hopelessness, they are choosing to move forward and continue their education with plans for a brighter, more secure future.   Are you one of those adult individuals?  Or perhaps you are just starting to consider pursuing a higher education, but aren’t sure where to start!   That’s okay!  We can help.

Do you need to earn your High School Diploma (formerly GED)?  Contact The Literacy Center and ask how to get started working toward your High School Equivalency Exam?

Ready to jump into higher education?  Check out the many offerings at Ivy Tech Community College, whether in Evansville or around Indiana.  Ivy Tech specializes in specific professional, job trade and job skills education.  Would you like more information?  Check out their site:

Want to pursue a 4 year degree but can’t travel?  Consider earning a degree online!

Indiana offers an outstanding opportunity for state residents to earn a degree online, at your own pace and on your own time.  Western Governors University offers multiple degree programs!  Visit their site to learn more about them.

Want a traditional on campus experience?  Many universities offer specialized adult education programs, some even give credit for previous work experience!  The University of Southern Indiana and the University of Evansville both offer adult education programs.

Check out their offerings at:

University of Southern Indiana:

University of Evansville:

These are just a few options for adult education, and you can find additional ones with a little research.

However you choose to do it, I encourage you to continue your adult education.  Keep learning.  Keep growing.  Keep developing your skills, knowledge and future!


Katy Dunigan, Board of Directors

Marketing Director at

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