Links and Mindmaps

Below you can find links to some excellent resources, such as YouTube channels and TASC practise tests. Please be aware that we always work hard to ensure all resources we link you to are up-to-date and free to use, but some organizations have optional, paid subscriptions. If you have any questions on these resources, you can call us at (812) 429-1222.

Khan Academy

This organization allows you to revise almost any topic you want. They use a combination of videos, interactive questions and progress tracking – for free

TASC Online

If you own a TASC Prep textbook from Kaplan, you can use their online resources for free. They’ve made some great videos that go over the material in your book, and help guide you through all 671 pages of the TASC Prep textbook.

TASC Practice Test

This website features practice tests for all seven areas of the TASC test, along with explanations for correct/ incorrect answers and some sample essays. 

Math Antics

This website explains almost everything you’ll need to know for basic Math. Rob creates his own free, detailed and engaging videos. 


This website allows you to make your very own Math sheets on just about any topic you like.


Just the same as Math-Aids!

Mind maps are one of the best ways to memorize information. At The Literacy Center, we love producing our own. Find the ones we have been using in our HSE prep classes below!