Literacy Center #History101 Answers

Let’s take a look at the answers to the Literacy Center History 101 Quiz
1. What was the original name that started The Literacy Center?
a. Regional Reading Aid  We can’t locate an original logo from 1966 but here is one brom 1989.RRATHCAITlogo (2)
2. What year did the original program begin?
a. 1966

3. The original program that started in the 1960’s purpose was to serve who?
a. Adults

4. The original program was…
a. Literacy

5. The original program was began by and run by who/m?
a. YWCA Volunteers

6. In 1989, the original program began to collaborate with whom?
a. Ivy Tech Community College
1989 letter





7. What year did The Literacy Center become incorporated as a 501c (3) organization and began to be known only as The LiteracyCenter?
a. 1999page-2




8. Which of the following individuals have been involved in the history of The Literacy Center?
a. Michael J. Scully
b. Paula Holder
c. Corrine Vandeveer
d. Peggy Ehlen
e. Marian Wyber
f. Phyllis Schmidt
g. Peg Braun
h. Marian Wyber
i. Lola Teubert
j. Sara Whitfield
k. Judith Lippert
l. All of the above is correct.  From Board of Directors to volunteer office workers, these individuals donated a lot of time and energy to the program.
9. The Literacy Center’s newsletter was first known as…
a. The Reading Corner





10. In the history of The Literacy Center we have served how many?
a. Many 1000’s

Bonus (just for fun): the first attempt of our fundraiser, Letters for Literacy SCRABBLE Tournament was when?

a. April 2004Scrabble Flyer

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