Love what you do?

#LoveLiteracy Read for LifeNot many people can say they love their job. I know many adults who dread going to work. Not me! I absolutely love my job. Why? I have the honor of being The Literacy Center’s Education Coordinator. Being the Education Coordinator allows me to directly work with students, volunteers, and collaborators to help improve adult reading skills.

Over the last two years I have met some amazing and inspiring people. I get to watch our students grow and evolve. I see them accomplish goals and realize a better future for themselves and their families. A few goals that students have achieved over the last two years are: getting a better job; starting Ivy Tech; reading a book; gaining courage to read aloud; filling out job applications; and utilizing online banking. I’m so lucky to be involved with these success stories.

However, it isn’t all about my work with the students. Our volunteers are incredibly important, and I have the privilege to work with many awesome people. Our volunteers teach me daily how to be more selfless and giving. We have the greatest army of volunteers.

In addition to our students and volunteers, I love the people with whom we collaborate. I have met inspirational people because of our collaborations with organizations throughout Evansville, such as Willard Library, Bethlehem United Church of Christ, United Caring Shelters, and many Neighborhood Associations. I have learned so much about other non-profits and the amazing work they do in our community.

Every single day I wake up excited to get to work. I love the adventures I have. I love that I’m learning something new. If you are looking to do something you love, you should consider volunteering with us! You’ll love it too!

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