Mind in the Making- Skill 7

jennwigginton (2)The Mind in the Making blog continues with the seventh life skill, Self-Directed engaged learning.  This is how our program works.

To understand skill 7, Self-Directed Engaged Learning you must understand that it “calls on Executive Functions of the brain including not going on automatic, but reflecting about the experience or situation, setting goals and working toward them and being flexible in thinking about how to learn something in a new way….”    The Literacy Center strives to achieve the understanding of this skill and intertwine it within our program.   We strive to maintain a trustworthy relationship with our clients and volunteers, help clients set and work towards self-identified goals, teach them to be accountable, elaborate and extend their learning and create a community of learners.  If I had to pick one that was most difficult it would be the latter.  It is a hard first step to ask for help to improve your reading and comprehension skills but it is equally as hard to take each and every step after.  Maintaining the dedication and commitment to being a learner each and every day is something we all can have difficulty with.  We are not perfect, never will be, we can always make improvement in ourselves and in the things we do.  I fully believe that everyone has the ability to learn something from everyone and that is how each of the seven essential life skills comes into play.

Would you like to join our community of learners?  Will you accept the challenge to embrace learning each and every day?  When you are ready, contact me. I’m Jennifer Wigginton and I’m a life-long learner.

Stay tuned next week as we wrap up the Mind in the Making series of blogs.

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