Quietly going about the business of changing lives…..


  • After finding out she was being promoted, Susan realized that her reading and writing skills would not be sufficient for the type of work she would soon be doing so she sought help from The Literacy Center.
  • Encouraged to hear about a place that may offer hope, Steven almost ran off the road looking for a pen to write down the phone number of The Literacy Center as he heard it announced on the radio while he was driving.
  • Marie gained confidence in being able to read on her own with the help of her tutor and wishes daily that her sister would admit to needing help as well.

While the names may have been changed, the scenarios are real.  These are just a few of the testimonies that I have heard one summer.  It reminded me that The Literacy Center, since 1966, has been quietly going about the business of changing lives without much fanfare.  And while the students often share how tutoring has impacted their lives, our volunteers also quietly admit that their lives have been changed because of the time they have donated at The Literacy Center – through tutoring, serving on the board, or helping to fundraise.

The Literacy Center may not make headlines and may not be featured on community blogs, but the work of the volunteers and students goes on.  And as long as we continue to be there for the students who quietly come to us asking for help, we’re okay with that.

Lori E. Saxby

Past Chair of The Literacy Center Board of Directors

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