Referral process

Region 11 Collaboration

Referral Instructions

EGR 11 AE / The Literacy Center (TLC)

Partnership and using Lexia software in AE Classroom

Referral Instructions

  1.  Students must score below 6.0 G.E. in reading and language.
  2. Request referral form by emailing: or download one from
  3. Complete and return referral form by emailing:
  4. Insure that learner has signed release to share records and assessments with The Literacy Center and place release in permanent folder.
  5. After making your first referral to TLC, you will receive specifications and instructions on downloading Lexia software.  In addition, you will receive student and teacher login information.
  6. Follow instructions to download Lexia software.
  7. Additional training on using the software will be available via Lexia/TLC webinar.
  8. Incorporate use of Lexia for lower level learner.

All literacy volunteers should be referred to TLC.  Volunteers will be provided with a teacher login to Lexia and included in further training opportunities offered by TLC.   Email the volunteer’s name and email address to:

Click here for referral from and email it to