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I surveyed a group of friends and I asked them, when I say…resolution, what do you think of?


The replies were:

New and fresh start

Bettering yourself



Weight Loss

Then I asked these same friends, “Did you make a resolution this year?”

All answers were no. The reasons why were: didn’t feel like it, I won’t keep it, I’ll just fail and variations of that!  To that I say Bravo!!

Resolutions have always had a bad reputation and it is the norm to break them.  I think the reason we break them (when we make them) is because we don’t define the resolution specifically so we can’t measure it. If we can’t measure it, we will procrastinate because there is no time frame.  So, stop the madness and stop making New Year resolutions.  Each day is a fresh start. If you want to improve something, if you want to do something nice, then do it that day.  We must stop setting ourselves up to fail.  Take each day and tell yourself what you will accomplish that day.  Each day is our timeline and there is always tomorrow. No seriously, I would like to say I have this perfected, I do not.  I plan to take 2015 one day at a time and I invite you to do the same.

Jennifer Wigginton, Executive Director

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