Read for the People

The Talking Library, founded in March 2020, invites volunteers to record themselves reading public domain texts. These stories are enjoyed by the adult learners in our Basic Adult Literacy and High School Equivalency programs, but are also used by our volunteer tutors in tutoring sessions and enjoyed by the public. 

Read for the People is a project that aims to add some of the most important public domain texts in the United States to The Talking Library: the U.S. Constitution, all of its amendments, and the Declaration of Independence.

We invited members of the public to volunteer to help record parts of these texts, so that we could produce a recording of the entire Constitution and Declaration of Independence that highlights the diversity of the United States of America, and the fact that we are all members of the same human species. 

The project now features the voices of educators, attorneys, senators, students, adult education advocates, news reporters, religious leaders, politicians, writers, and parents. Most importantly, the project features the voices of our fellow citizens, reminding us that we are all alike.

The final project will go live on this website on July 4th.

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