SCRABBLE Tournament


Save the Date for the 15th annual on February 24, 2018.


The Literacy Center’s Annual SCRABBLE Smackdown has four levels of play! Participants may choose one of four categories in which to compete, PRO, SEMI-PRO, REBEL, and STUDENT. Below are descriptions for each level so that you can choose the one that best fits your teams’ abilities.

The PRO category stands in place of the old “Competitive” level. This competition is for SCRABBLE experts, if your team has played in past years and have scored over 800 points, this is the category for you. Gameplay will be intense, fast-paced, and by the book. Be ready to challenge past tournament champs!

The SEMI-PRO category is reserved for players who are no stranger to a game of SCRABBLE but want a slower-paced, less-advanced experience. If you have played in the past and have scored under 800 points, this is the Semi-Pro category is for you.

The REBEL category is all about rule-bending fun! Go against fellow amateur teams looking for a little friendly competition, without worrying about strict rules and guidelines.

The STUDENT category is the option for high school and college students to play. Teams of students with valid school IDs may compete against other students in this discounted competition.


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