SCRABBLE Tournament

The 2021 18th Annual Scrabble Tournament has been postponed due to the pandemic.


We are proud to offer players two separate leagues – competitive and casual. If you’ve played in this tournament before, you will find competitive very familiar to you. If you’re looking for a more casual, easy-going experience, click on casual!

How will this tournament be played?

Players can sign up to either the competitive league or casual league, which both have unique rules.

Between August 14th -18th, players will be invited to play Scrabble with their friends, family, or against a computer.  

Following this, they will submit their scores to us. Trophies, medals, and ribbons will be up for grabs in the competitive league, while casual players have the opportunity to get some Barnes and Noble and Dairy Queen gift cards! We’ll also be running some side competitions for both leagues, with more Barnes and Noble gift cards up for grabs!

You don’t need a Scrabble board to take part – an app like Words with Friends works just as well. Click on either of the leagues above to find out more!