Strategic Plan 2020

Strategic Plan July 2017-June 2020


To sustain the viability of the Literacy Center in relation to student success, awareness, staffing, and finance in order to uphold our mission and vision.

Objective 1 – Student Success

  1. Foster an Environment for Student Success and Meet the Individual Literacy Needs of our Students
    1. Build a student focused community
      1. Establish inviting space to students
      2. Maintain Student representation on Board
      3. Host annual recognition service program for students
      4. Documentation of Best Practices for Student Entry
    2. Determine best practices of adult literacy programming and ensure utilization
      1. Recruit literacy subject matter experts volunteers (board and or office)
      2. Partner with other adult learning organization, staff participation in other literacy organizations and regional and/or national conferences
      3. Actively experiment to serve students
    3. Ensure that the Literacy Center offers programming that our students deem most important to their lives and that the Literacy Center values as an organization
      1. Assessment of integration of literacy into daily life activities
      2. Develop and deploy a holistic approach to literacy
    4. Increase the impact the Literacy Center programming has on the community
      1. Ensure HSE Prep Class students are successful
      2. Increase the employability of our students who are in or want to be in the workforce

Objective 2 – Awareness

  1. To develop and maintain a positive image in the local and regional community
    1. Ensure that we cultivate community awareness and increases market penetration in the region
      1. Create a marketing plan
      2. Promote consistent marketing message
      3. Measure impact of marketing endeavors
    2. Ensure the development and implementation of an approach that builds relationships with community partners
      1. Develop partnerships that build ties to other similarly-aligned community agencies
      2. Leverage the power of community assets and partner resources
      3. Establish ongoing business alliances which impact community residents
    3. Ensure that the Literacy Center communicates successes to the community at large on an annual basis
      1. Provide regular updates of progress
      2. Celebrate accomplishments with stakeholders and community members

Objective 3 – Staffing

  1. To retain, develop, and grow staff, volunteers, and board members
    1. Ensure roles and duties for all staff, volunteers, and board members are clearly defined and communicated
      1. Update and disseminate staff job descriptions, volunteer roles, and board expectations annually.
      2. Conduct annual performance reviews of staff and board reviews
      3. Develop employee handbook which includes regulations and procedures for operation.
    2. Ensure adequate staff, volunteer base, and board numbers available to meet the needs of the Center
      1. Periodically Assess staffing and board member requirements needed to ensure student needs are met
      2. Explore benefits and perks
      3. Maintain an ongoing recruitment plan for volunteers
    3. Ensure ongoing education and development of staff, volunteers and board
      1. Create continuing education plans for staff and volunteers
      2. Assess and update on-boarding procedure for board members
      3. Seek financial resources to invest in employee training
    4. Ensure ongoing recognition of all staff and volunteers
      1. Create awards to be given at annual event (gala)
      2. Create recognition strategies throughout the year

 Objective 4: Financial

  1. To ensure long-term financial sustainability
    1. Ensure fundraising efforts are maximized in order to cover the annual expenses of the Center and allow for expansion of the Center’s services
      1. Establish events that will bring in maximum funds and raise awareness for the Center
      2. Ensure evaluation of the individual appeal letter and its successes/failures after sent out
      3. Continuously explore all grant opportunities
    2. Ensure budget is prepared in a timely manner and that it reflects prior year actual results
      1. Budget should be created and approved by board
      2. Budget to reflect prior year results and additional expected results for the upcoming year
    3. Ensure investment account funds are managed appropriately
      1. Make a plan for use of investment account funds
      2. Evaluate investment account fund distribution with investment manager yearly
    4. Ensure financial statement preparation/report filing is organized and timely
      1. Maintain a calendar listing of all report and tax payment due dates
      2. Update financial statements monthly for executive committee (odd months) and full board (even months)
      3. Keep an organized listing of all reports filed