Students Goals & Barriers

kicking doorWhen was the last time you didn’t achieve a goal? What happened? What got in your way? See, we all have barriers. There is always something coming up. Frances Bacon said that “All rising to great places is by a winding stair.” This simply means that there are twists and turns on every path we take. The key is persevering; to keep going and metaphorically kick down the wall.

Our students encounter barriers, just like you. The difference is that not all of us know how to overcome these barriers. A few of the most common barriers for our students include bad work history, low self-esteem, no support system, or lack of transportation.  Something I have noticed is that these barriers all seem to be linked. They tend to snowball into bigger, and bigger problems for our students. So, how do we solve/overcome their barriers?

The first step is to want to overcome them. Our students decide this by walking in our door. We then ask them to reflect on their life. To fix a barrier is to first acknowledge that barrier. Really, how can you overcome it if you don’t realize what it is that is stopping you? Then we begin the fun part!

Their education begins immediately. As our students learn more, they can accomplish more. With every day, they gain the strength and courage to remove another piece of the wall that prevents them from moving forward. With hard work and determination, our students remove enough pieces of the wall, leaving the structure weak, allowing them to power through.

Courtney Keating,

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