The Gift of Goals

IMG_1737Today, I had my first live audience. I read a page from Tuesday’s with Morrie in front of Jenn. I have never read to anyone, other than my tutors.

Four years ago I walked into The Literacy Center barely able to read a billboard or restaurant menu. As a child, doctors told my mother that I would never have the capability of other children; they said I would never learn. Now, I hunger for books. Words are the only cure for my thirst. Knowledge is what sustains me.

As I exited the dusty doors of my public education, I felt that I had accomplished all I could. The bright doors of The Literacy Center opened and guided me to my new life of today. Though I may never walk through the hallow halls of Harvard or Yale, my walk through The Literacy Center is all I really need for my life to be fulfilled.

Though I will be retiring from my job in 14 months, my life is not coming to an end. It is just the beginning. My goals are to obtain my high school equivalency and become a tutor for The Literacy Center. I also want to help in The Literacy Lab; to lead my brothers and sisters from their dark halls to the brightness of literacy.  I desire to give back what The Literacy Center has given me—a chance at greatness.

So with this season of giving, if you know an adult who struggles with reading, give them a hug and tell them that you know a place they can turn. It’s a place that will help guide them from the darkness of illiteracy, and into the brightness of knowledge.


By Darrell Murray

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