(For information about becoming a tutor, please visit our Volunteers page.)

Materials, Books and Lesson plans-

All books are provided to tutor and student at no charge .  We  assign the main study books but optional books, materials and specific lesson materials are available.

What books do we have?  Our library contents (books) are on www.librarything.com.  You may search our content by visiting LibraryThing.com by clicking the ‘Visit me on LibraryThing’ to the right of this paragraph.  If you can’t find what you are looking for contact us and we will help!

Where can you and your student meet?

You can meet at The Literacy Center, libraries  or any other public location that you and your student agree on.  We can help arrange special locations just ask. Click here to see an idea list.

To schedule the tutor room at TLC you may self-schedule the Tutor Room by clicking here.    The first time you use, call us for username and password, contact the Literacy Center at 429-1222.