Volunteering as a Reader

What is this?

The Talking Library is a collection of audibooks recorded by volunteers. All of the stories are in the public domain, or written specifically for The Talking Library by volunteers. 

Why not use something like www.librivox.org?

There are plenty of fantastic resources on the internet for people to access free recordings of public domain texts. The Talking Library emerged because The Literacy Center works with many adults learning to read. We wanted to create a resource where easy-going stories could be easily accessed by these adults on a website they find familiar. We also wanted to give our volunteers an opportunity to do some writing!

How do I volunteer?

Email admin@litcenter.org and tell us!

What do I need?

Time and a way to record your voice. You can use your phone or laptop, and you don’t need any special software. 

What’s the process?

Once you contact us, we work with you to figure out what length of text you want to read (book chapter, short story, fairytale, poem), and we send you a story to read. You record it, and email the file to us. Read our instructions for recording here

If you are interested in volunteering as a reader, email admin@litcenter.org and let us know!