We interrupt this blog series…

jennwigginton (2)I’m interrupting this blog with an important announcement! The Literacy Center’s staff are Mind in the Making certified facilitators! This is collaboration with the Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation and their Mind in the Making Grant. Here is an excerpt from EVSC’s news release to explain: “Minds in the Making: The Science of Early Learning was developed by the Families and Work Institute. It is a collaborative effort to share the science of early learning with the professionals who work with children and families. Minds in the Making has documented the science of early learning with children from birth to eight years old and focuses on what makes young children stay motivated and engaged in learning, and determines what are the essential skills children need. This grant – which was also received in its first year by school districts in New York, Tulsa and Portland; and this year (2012) by Providence, RI, Hartford, Conn., and the EVSC —  is designed to help school districts further their early childhood goals.” 

The seven essential life skills are:

  1. Focus and Self Control
  2. Perspective Taking
  3. Communication
  4. Making Connections
  5. Critical Thinking
  6. Taking on Challenges
  7. Self-directed Engaged Learning

In the next month we will discuss the seven essential life skills and explain how we implement them in our adult program. It is going to be a learning and growing experience.  Stay tuned.

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