What a week!

tshirt frontWho knew there was a flood warning on Monday night?  We sure didn’t! It has been a crazy week and we had a faulty toilet that filled it’s tank and the office floor.  We closed Tuesday and Wednesday due to this and Ivy Tech did a wonderful job of getting it all cleaned up during that time.  We are pretty dry now but the fans are still on.  Since we had to close we have extended registration for Letters for Literacy SCRABBLE® Tournament until 5:00 pm Friday, Feb. 21! So register today!

We support our program with fundraisers.  We don’t receive any state or federal funds. We think that fundraisers are also a great way to make friends!   Our first one of the year is the SCRABBLE® Tournament, it is our signature event and this Saturday is the 11th annual.  The best tip I can provide for those playing is to play as fast as you can.  Don’t take the minute and half to make your play, the rounds are 20 minutes each and if both teams take that long the scores will be low.  Play fast and smart. We appreciate this crowd as they also support the Silent Auction which is a big part of this event.

If you don’t play SCRABBLE®, we have our scrap-booking/crafting event on July 26 at Harrison College. This is a fun event for friends to gather to craft and socialize.

What I am real excited about is our first Spell for Literacy, A Grown Up Spelling Bee!  This will be super fun event at Tropicana on Saturday, October 4th.  I’m know recruiting committee members so send me an email if you are interested.  The more the merrier, I love all the brainstorming.

Why am I telling you about you our fundraisers? It is important to know how we support our program and allow friends of ours and new friends to help out and have a good time also.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest to keep in the loop.  You can also sign up for e-mail alerts on our several pages!

Thanks for reading!

Jennifer Wigginton


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