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Chapter One
Who We Are

The Literacy Center is dedicated to improving adult literacy and education thereby strengthening our community. We seek to solve the problem of adult illiteracy within our community by offering free reading education and confidential tutoring, which is customized to the needs of our students. Our goal is to help them become more employable, financially stable and self-sufficient through mastering essential reading skills. We offer literacy education through computer-based instruction, an education coordinator, workshops and private tutoring. Our volunteer tutors tailor their sessions to the student's individual needs and include using functional materials such as grocery store ads, employment applications, medical information, checkbooks, and textbooks. This educational component of functional materials allows them to increase life skills required for independent living.


The Literacy Center is located in Vanderburgh County, and we currently accept students that live in Vanderburgh, Warrick and Posey Counties. We collaborate with the Adult Education Group of Region 11 to assist with their low-level learners in Dubois, Gibson, Knox, Perry, Pike, and Spencer Counties.

Chapter Two

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

The Literacy Center is dedicated to improving adult literacy and education thereby strengthening our community.

Our Vision:

To create a community of lifelong learners who have the opportunity to flourish in all aspects of life.

Chapter Three

Our Guiding Values


We promote literacy and a love of reading. We see literacy as a pathway to opportunities that will result in a better way of life with fewer struggles. The Literacy Center strives to support every learner in becoming a self-directed engaged learner for life.

Students and Teacher in Classroom
Computer Learning

We treat our learners with compassion and as individuals with unique educational needs and talents.  Our staff and volunteers respect the confidentiality of our learner’s information.

We celebrate our community’s diversity and strive to ensure that all individuals feel welcome in The Literacy Center.  We strive to meet the needs and expectations of every learner.


We are dedicated to improving adult literacy in our community.

Group Lecture

We are committed to joining forces with municipal partners to build an informed community where participation in civic life and education is open to all.

Online Class

We educate individuals to enable them to live and work independently.

Chapter Four
Meet Our Team


Amanda Green

Executive Director

Board of Directors


Paul Odney

Ivy Tech Community College


Helen Azarian

Evansville Vanderburgh

Public Library


Scott Wittman

Community Volunteer

Brittany Holtz

Old National Bank

Dawn Puckett

Community Volunteer

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