About Us

Welcome to The Literacy Center

Making Basic Adult Literacy and High School Equivalency available to adult learners is The Literacy Center’s focus.  In Vanderburgh County 10.3% of adults ages 25 and older did not complete their high school education (US Census).  Eighteen percent of adults in Vanderburgh County are at or below a level 1 literacy ability.  Forty-three percent of adults with low literacy levels live in poverty (ProLiteracy/National Institute for Literacy).

Adults come to us seeking functional literacy or to earn their high school equivalency qualification for the sake of their children, the sake of their employment, or simply because they have found the determination to do so within themselves.  Any adult aged 18 or well over 80 is welcome in The Literacy Center’s programs and has the right to continue their education in a supportive, professional atmosphere.

Our signature events are our annual SCRABBLE Tournament held in the spring and our Holiday Online Auction held in the fall each year. You can find information about our programs by clicking on them below.