SCRABBLE Smackdown Results

Thank you to our sponsors and our volunteers!

Congratulations to all teams for well played SCRABBLE!


1st place PRO Division: Hex Kex Lex- Barbara Helfrich and Jacob Helfrich

2nd place Pro Division: Bingo James Doyle (pictured), Micah Schmitt and Bernie Schmitt


1st place Semi Pro Division: SCRABBLE Smarties: Rita Thews, Allen Buck, Gina Becker

2nd Place Semi-Pro Division: Triple Double Divas Mindy Marklin, Sheri Ziegler

1st Place Rebel Division: Mighty Morphin Tile Arrangers

2nd place Rebel Division: State Care The Lung Centre


SCRABBLE Smackdown




EVANSVILLE – Registration is now underway for the fourteenth annual “SCRABBLE® Smackdown” hosted by The Literacy Center. This annual event will be on Saturday, Feb. 25, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. The event will be held at Ivy Tech Community College’s main campus in Evansville, 3501 N. First Ave.

The event is open to the public, and players of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to enter. Teams may consist of one to three players and the cost to play is $50 per team.  Participants can play for prizes and recognition in the “Pro” division and the Semi Pro division. We also have a new “Rebel” division that is for laughs and the rule breakers.  There is a new student division for any students at a discounted rate of $30 a team.

Funds raised through the tournament will benefit The Literacy Center, a non-profit agency whose mission is to improve basic adult literacy in the community.  Since 1966, The Literacy Center has been providing free reading improvement instruction for adults in the tri-state area.

“Play for a CAUSE and the cause is literacy” said The Literacy Center’s Executive Director, Jennifer Wigginton. “Being literate and being able to read to learn is a fundamental need, we welcome everyone to come out and play for the cause and support the cause of being literate. The play happens, rain, sleet or snow!”

For more information about the SCRABBLE® Smackdown Tournament or The Literacy Center, please visit or contact Jennifer Wigginton, Executive Director, at (812) 429-1222 or by e-mail at

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Looking forward to 2017

2017 brings a close to our 50 year anniversary celebrated in 2016. The Literacy Center has many accomplishments for the past fifty years, our students have accomplished many goals but our work is not done. Our community has over 18,000 adults who struggle with reading, so we still have work to do this year.

We will remain focused on our mission:
The Literacy Center is dedicated to improving basic adult literacy in our community.

Our tagline has changed over the years from, “Each One, Teach One” to“From Here You Can Fly” to our current “Read for Life.” All of these lines still apply to our vision for the past 50 years: we believe that each and every student can reach their goals and truly read for life  and be self sufficient. We are excited to start the New Year and we want YOU to be a part of it!

Will you please join us and  be a part of our strategic planning session on Friday, January 27, 2017 at 8:00 am-12:00 pm at Ivy Tech Community College Room 107.  Respond attendance by email.

If you can’t join us you can still provide input by completing our survey at

10 Days of Giving and Facts

The Literacy Center Logo - 50 Years FinalFacts about 2016

  1. We have served our community for 50 years helping adults learn to read and read to learn.                             A way to give…our wish list:

2. We have had 662 instruction hours in the HSE prep class.           A way to give….volunteer.

3. We have 854 students that have been served in the past 10 years.
A way to give…

4. We have had 437 hours of qualification instruction hours so far this year.
A way to give…

5. We had 758 hours of tutor instruction hours and 494 of tutor preparation and travel hours so far this year.
A way to give…

6. We have accessed 18 adults so far this year.                                                                    A way to give…

7. We have 14 dedicated current board members.
A way to give… Volunteer 

8. We have had 76 volunteers dedicate time to us this year in many ways from tutoring, teaching classes, working in the office, organizing fundraisers and so much more.  A way to give… Volunteer 

9. Our students set goals of all sorts, mini, small and big, we try so hard to track every one of them but the big ones is what we do best at and 24 big goals were accomplished this year including a getting a job!
Giving a donation allows the students to achieve their educational goals… Donate

10.  The greatest joy and fact is when a student says, “I read novels for pleasure now.” said ‘Theresa’.
For fifty years we have offered basic adult literacy with access to immediate education for adults who are self-driven, dedicated and set goals for themselves. We offer one-on-one tutoring and high school equivalency preparation but it is really about the fundamental ability to read and comprehend and be self-sufficient that are students strive for because Literacy/Education is key to the #7EssentialLifeSkills and that’s just fact.
A way to give….Time, talent and/or funds.