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Getting Started or Referring a Friend

If you know someone who wants to improve his reading skills, the best thing to do is to tell him/her a little about how our program works, and encourage him/her to call us.

All students must make the call themselves to set an appointment for their assessment. At that appointment, we will have a casual one-to-one meeting with the student to find out the student’s motivations, skills level, goals, and history with reading. After that initial 1-2 hour assessment, the student will work in the Literacy Lab at our center for a minimum of 12 hours, after completion of 12 hours of lab work with our education coordinator the student will be matched with a tutor. Depending on availability occasionally we may have a waiting list. Since our tutors are volunteers and must be recruited and trained, the waiting period varies.

The student must make a one-year commitment to improve his/her reading skills. Once he is matched with a tutor, they will work together two times a week for about an hour each session. Typically, our tutors and student meet at libraries or churches, or other public locations that have a private study area. Meeting in the student’s home or the tutor’s home is prohibited.

We will match the student with a tutor who is available at the time that the student is available. Since the student and tutor will arrange their own meeting times, the program is flexible enough to meet the busy schedules of our adult students. The program is entirely free for our students, and study materials are provided for free as well.

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